Limited Edition Signature Prints
Mardi Gras Art Prints by Jim Wainwright

Biography of Jim Wainwright, Artist

Inspired by such Mobile artists as Julian Rafford and Edmond DeSalle, Jim has worked tirelessly on research and artistic expression to bring out the essence of Mardi Gras in Mobile through his colorful limited edition prints.

The 2006 Joe Cain project took over a year to research. It draws from a historic background of both fact and legend. The Pencil Sepia Print represents ninety hours of work and the Watercolor version took a total of one hundred and twelve hours to complete.

"I get into the soul and character of my subjects when I paint. I believe that it allows for insight into the past and builds the mystique of the character for the future." Jim is also a decendent of King Felix III (George Sossaman) who was the king of Mardi-Gras in 1929.

Jim has completed paintings for other Mardi-Gras Societies including the recent 50th anniversary limited edition print for Order of Athena in 2005.

His artistic ability has a wide range. Commercial commissions have included prints for Big Game Fishing Tournaments, Mystic Societies, Underwater and Nautical Scenes, Tour and Travel Renderings, and Corporate Commissions.


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